Metros in The United States: The Detroit People Mover

Detroit is a city in the state of Michigan, the United States. It is the capital of Wayne County. With a population of approximately 700,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in Michigan, and is the 21st most populated city in the United States. The city is famous for its cars, as well as its museums, art, and sports teams. The city’s airport is the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Public transportation in Detroit consists of public bikes, buses, the metro, and a light rail known as the streetcar. Public bicycles are offered by MoGo. Regular buses, which are yellow and green, are provided by the Detroit Department of Transportation. Special buses are offered by a service called SMART. The metro system is called the Detroit People Mover. The streetcar service is provided by QLine.


A new railway service was planned for Detroit since 1966, when the Urban Mass Transportation Administration (UMTA) was founded. The UMTA proposed the People Mover in 1975. It was supposed to be built by the early 1980s, but the project could not get enough funding. The Detroit Transportation Corporation (DTC) was in charge of the construction of the metro (DTC was founded in 1967.) DTC took charge of the construction of the metro in 1985.

The People Mover was inaugurated on July 31st, 1987. During the year that the metro opened, the metro was the property of the Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTDC.) The Metro is currently owned by DTC.

During its first years, the metro ran counterclockwise (the 13 stations form a loop.) However, after July 20th, 2008, after maintenance labors, the metro was modified to run clockwise.

People Mover The People Mover, Detroit

Lines and stations

    The People Mover has one line and the following 13 stations:

1. Broadway Station:

Located at 1441 West Broadway at John R. It is inside a YMCA building. It has one side platform. There are theatres, antique shops, regular shops, and music venues near the station. Parking is offered in four places: Opera House Garage (1426 Broadway), Ford Field Parking Structure (2000 St. Antoine), Premiere Underground Parking Garage (1208 Woodward), and Gem and Century Parking Deck (333 Madison).

2. Times Square Station:

Located at 1250 Park, between Washington Boulevard and Cass, in Grand River Avenue. This is the People Mover’s main station. This is where both the maintenance building and the operator of the metro are located. There is no parking available nearby. Among the places of interest nearby are the Level One Bank and the Eve’s Downtown Gourmet.

3. Grand Circus Park Station:

Located in 9 Park Street, close to Woodward Avenue. This station has three side platforms. It is close to a park called Grand Circus Park. This district has many theaters and sports facilities. There is parking offered in two places: the Grand Circus Park Garage (1601 Woodward), and the Fox Theater Garage (50 West Montcalm).

4. Fort/Cass Station:

Located at 711 Cass Avenue, close to Fort Street. Parking is offered at two places: Park-Rite Lafayette (458 West Lafayette,) and Newport (1009 Cass.) It has one side platform. In this district, you will find the Headquarters of the newspapers Detroit News and Detroit Free Press. You will also find the largest bookstore in the world within walking distance.

5. Michigan Avenue Station:

located at 1220 Cass Avenue, close to Michigan Avenue. It has one side platform. It is used by around 150,000 people per year. There is public parking available. You will find a statue of Alexander Macomb, a general that participated in the War of 1812. 6. Joe Louis Arena Station: Located at 600 Civic Center Drive, between Jefferson Avenue West and Third Street. It is used by around 180,000 people per year. This station may be dismantled in 2017. Parking is available at Joe Louis Arena Garage (900 West Jefferson.) There are family friendly entertainment venues nearby. The station’s name comes from Joe Louis, the world’s boxing champion in 1937. You can find the Wayne County Community College close to this station.

7. Cobo Center Station:

Located in 1 Washington Boulevard, between Congress Street and Cass Street, within the third floor of the Cobo Center Building. Unlike most stations, which opened in 1987, this station was opened in 1989. The Cobo Center Building is one of the best places to host a convention in the world. Business conventions and concerts are hosted in this building. Parking is available in 7 nearby places: Downtown Garage (328 West Congress,) 150 West Jefferson Parking (Building Parking,) First Street Parking Deck (1731 First,) Cobo Center Atwater Street Garage and Cobo Center Washington Boulevard Garage (1 Washington Boulevard,) and Fort Washington Garage (645 Washington Boulevard.)

8. Millender Center Station:

Located at 333 East Jefferson Avenue, 5th floor of the Millender Center Building. This station has around 95,000 passengers per year. From this building, you could go to Coleman A. Young Municipal Center and the Renaissance Center. This station is used by guests at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel. Parking is offered in four nearby places: 440 East Congress, First National Garage (660 Woodward, First National Building,) One Detroit Center Garage (500 Woodward,) and the Millender Center Parking Garage (331 East Larned.)

9. Financial District Station:

Located at 133 West Larned, between Griswold Street and Shelby Street, inside the 150 West Jefferson building. The headquarters of many banks are close to this station. Around 76,000 passengers per year use this station. Another nearby place is Hart Plaza, where many of the biggest ethnic festivals in the United States are held. This station has the same name of a nearby district. It is close to the headquarters of the SMART buses. Parking is offered in six places: the Millennium Garage (432 West Congress,) 150 West Jefferson Parking (Building Parking,) Griswold Larned Parking (Buhl Building, 525 Griswold,) Financial District Garage (730 Shelby,) Miller Congress Parking (440 East Congress,) and Ford Underground Garage (30 East Jefferson.)

10. Bricktown Station:

It is located between East Fort Street and Beaubien Street, close to Congress Street. It has three parking places: Miller Congress Parking (440 East Congress,) Greektown Casino Parking Garage (1001 Brush,) and Millender Center Parking Garage (331 East Larned.)

11. Greektown Station:

It is located at 1055 Beaubien Street, in the third floor of the Greektown Casino, between Lafayette Boulevard and Mourse Street. This station has the highest ridership per year compared to all other People Mover stations. It has around 560,000 passengers per year. It is named after the Historic Greektown district. Many ethnic dishes from many different countries are served at the nearby restaurants and cafes. Parking is offered in two places: in Greektown Garage (660 Macomb,) and in Greektown Casino Hotel Parking Garage.

12. Renaissance Center Station:

Located at 400 East Jefferson Avenue, in Floor 2A from Tower 200. There are six nearby parking places: Port Atwater Parking Structure (200 Beaubien,) Center Garage (414 Renaissance Drive,) Renaissance Center Valet Parking (GM Renaissance Center,) Detroit River Walk (GM Wintergarden,) Wheelhouse Bike Rentals (1340 East Atwater Street,) and Mariner’s Church (170 East Jefferson.)

13. Cadillac Center Station:

Located at 110 Gratiot Avenue, between Library Street and Farmer Street. There are four places that offer parking: Merchant’s Row Valet Parking Garage (1247 Woodward,) First National Garage (660 Woodward, First National Building,) Premier Underground Parking Garage (1208 Woodward,) and HDS Parking (1 Campus Martius.)

Detroit Metro Detroit Metro

People Mover's Connections

The only connection that the metro makes is with the QLine light railway. The metro makes this connection at the Grand Circus Park Station.

Connection to the airport

The People Mover does not go directly to the airport. To go from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport to the closest metro station (Broadway Station,) first, walk to Metro Airport McNamara Terminal. Then, board bus 125, and travel Northbound during 45 minutes. After 74 stops, get off at Outer Drive and Fort. Walk to Fort and West Outer Drive. Next, board bus 19 towards 19 Fort Eastbound during 30 minutes. After 48 stops, get off at Rosa Parks Transit 49 EB. Finally, walk 0.5 miles to Broadway Station.

Schedule, timetables, and calendar

    1) Opening and closing times:
  • 1.1) Monday through Thursday: from 6:30 am until 12:00 am.
  • 1.2) Friday: from 6:30 am until 2:00 am.
  • 1.3) Saturday: from 9:00 am until 2:00 am.
  • 1.4) Sunday: from 12:00 pm until 12:00 am.
  • 1.5) Sunday, June 11, 2017: from 10:30 am until 12:00 am (because of the Motor City Pride Parade and Festival.)
  • 1.6) Sunday, June 15th, 2017: from 11:00 am until 12:00 am (because of a sports game between the Tigers and the Devil Rays.)

2) Frequency of trains: there are trains every three minutes.

3) Entire trip: travelling the 13 stations takes about 20 minutes.

Prices, passes, and tokens

- Single rides: One ride costs $0.75. You can pay it in cash or buy a token to use it to pay for the ride. If you pay with cash, you can only use the following coins: quarters, dimes, and nickels.

- Passes: There are six passes currently available: the 2017 Annual Pass ($100,) the 0717 Taekwondo 1 ($6,) the 0717 Taekwondo 2 ($6,) August 2017-8 ($10,) June 2017-6 ($10,) and July 2017-7 ($10.)

  • 1) 2017 Annual Pass ($100): Offers unlimited trips from January until December. It is cheaper than buying 12 monthly passes. Discounts are available for senior citizens. This pass will be sent to your address via US Postal Service.
  • 2) 0717 Taekwondo 1 ($6): Pass that unlimited offers rides to the USA Taekwondo National Championships. This specific pass only lasts between June 29th and July 2nd, 2017. You can order them online until June 19th, 2017. After that date, you will only be able to buy them by ordering them by phone or by visiting the customer service offices. This pass is sold at: DTC Administrative Office, The Bull Building, 535 Griswold, Suite 400.
  • 3) 0717 Taekwondo 2 ($6): This is the second pass that offers rides to the USA Taekwondo National Championships. This pass offers rides between July 3rd and July 6th, 2017.
  • 4) August 2017-8 ($10): One of the monthly passes. Offers unlimited rides for the month of August. If you order it online or by phone, it will be sent to you via regular mail via the US Postal Service. You will receive it in around 7 business days. You can also buy them in person at: DTC Administrative Office, DDOT Rosa Parks Transit Center and SMART Sales Office (Buhl Building.)
  • 5) June 2017-6 ($10): Another monthly pass. It offers unlimited rides during the month of June.
  • 6) July 2017-7 ($10): This pass offers unlimited rides during the month of July.
Detroit Transport System

Tips in the People Mover

  • 1) Make sure to enjoy the beautiful views of the Detroit River and of Windsor, Ontario, while you board the metro.
  • 2) Bring a camera while riding the metro, since you can take great pictures of Detroit.
  • 3) Use the metro if you want to easily travel among restaurants, museums, sporting facilities and entertainment facilities.
  • 4) The metro is crowded during popular sport events. Therefore, try not to use the metro during those days.


  • 1) There is a yellow line in the metro’s platforms. Stay behind it while waiting for the metro.
  • 2) There are surveillance cameras in the trains.
  • 3) Do not loiter around at the stations nor the trains.
  • 4) Smoking is prohibited at both stations and trains.
  • 5) Eating and drinking is not allowed in neither stations nor trains. Additionally, you cannot bring drinks to the metro if they do not have a lid on.
  • 6) You are not allowed to jump nor run in escalators, elevators, stations, and trains.
  • 7) In case of emergency, dial the emergency phone number from your phone or from an emergency phone available in trains or stations. The emergency phone number is 001 313 963 0171.
  • 8) Adults need to supervise their children in stations and trains.
  • 9) You cannot enter the metro with bare feet. Additionally, make sure to tie your shoelaces.
  • 10) If you get injured while using the metro, dial the emergency number or contact the metro staff in order for them to provide you first aid and send you to the hospital if necessary.
  • 11) Keep an eye on your backpack, luggage, or any other possessions while riding the metro.
  • 12) You cannot bring radios to the metro.
  • 13) You can call customer service to learn about the days in which the metro will be crowded due to special events.
  • 14) Do not obstruct the train’s doors, and avoid leaning on them.
  • 15) There are green emergency buttons at the stations. Press them during an emergency in order for the metro staff to talk to you.

Fun facts

    1) Each station displays art. Most art pieces are mosaics. Exhibitions at each station are the following (the following format will show the name of the piece followed by the name of the author):
  • 1.1) Broadway Station: “The Blue Nile” by Charles McGee.
  • 1.2) Times Square Station: “In Honor of W. Hawkins Ferry” by Tom Phardel and Pewabic Pottery.
  • 1.3) Grand Circus Park Station: Sculpture of a man reading a newspaper called “Catching Up” by J. Seward Johnson.
  • 1.4) Fort/Cass Station: An unnamed mosaic by Farley Tobin.
  • 1.5) Michigan Avenue Station: “Voyage” by Allie McGhee.
  • 1.6) Joe Louis Arena Station: “Voyage” by Gerome Kamrowski.
  • 1.7) Cobo Center Station: “Calvacade of Cars” by Larry Ebel and Linda Cianciolo Scarlett.
  • 1.8) Millender Center Station: “Detroit New Morning” by Alvin Loving Jr.
  • 1.9) Financial District Station: “’D’ for Detroit” by Jorge Kozloff.
  • 1.10) Bricktown Station: “Baubieu Passage” by Glen Michaels.
  • 1.11) Greektown Station: Art done with lightbulbs called “Neon for the Greektown Station” by Stephen Antonakos.
  • 1.12) Renaissance Center Station: Sculpture called “Siberian Ram” by Marshall Fredericks.
  • 1.13) Cadillac Center Station: “In Honor of Marry Chase Stratton” by Diana Kulisek and Pewabic Pottery.

2) The metro is driverless.

3) Cobo station’s name comes from Albert E. Cobo, an important ex-mayor from Detroit.

Future expansions

No expansions are being discussed for the metro. There were plans to expand the People Mover to allow trips to the district of New Center. However, the new QLine railway now offers trips there. Therefore, there are no longer plans to expand the People Mover to the district of New Center.

Nearby attractions

The attractions within walking distance of each metro station will be shown below (including the name of the station, the name of the attraction and its address):

    1. Broadway Station:
  • 1.1) 3Fifty Terrace at the Music Hall: 350 Madison.
  • 1.2) 1515 Broadway Theater: 1515 Broadway.
  • 1.3) 36th District Court: 421 Madison Municipal Building.
  • 1.4) Comerica Park: 2100 Woodward Avenue.
  • 1.5) Boll Family Downtown YMCA: 1401 Broadway.
  • 1.6) Detroit Opera House: 241 Madison.
  • 1.7) Detroit Athletic Club: Also in 241 Madison.
  • 1.8) Gem Theater and Century Grille: 333 Madison Avenue.
  • 1.9) Ford Field: 2000 Brush Street.
  • 1.10) PuppetArt Detroit Puppet Theater: 25 East Grand River.
  • 1.11) Music Hall: 350 Madison.
  • 1.12) Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center, The Arts League of Michigan: 311 East Grand River.
    2. Times Square Station:
  • 2.1) Rosa Parks Transit Center: 360 Michigan Avenue.
  • 2.2) PT in the D: 1420 Washington Boulevard.
  • 2.3) Painting with a Twist: Also in 1420 Washington Boulevard.
    3. Grand Circus Park Station:
  • 3.1) Central United Methodist Church: 23 East Adams.
  • 3.2) City Club: 400 Bagley.
  • 3.3) Aloft Detroit at the David Whitney Building: 1 Park Avenue.
  • 3.4) ComePlayDetroit Studio: 110 Clifford.
  • 3.5) City Theatre: 2301 Woodward Avenue.
    4. Fort/Cass Station
  • 4.1) Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau: 211 West Fort Street.
  • 4.2) Detroit Newspapers: 615 West Lafayette.
  • 4.3) Fort Street Presbyterian Church: 631 West Fort Street.
  • 4.4) Doubletree Guest Suites Forts Shelby: 525 West Lafayette Boulevard.
  • 4.5) WDIV TV4: 550 West Lafayette.
  • 4.6) The Detroit Club: 712 Cass.
    5. Michigan Avenue Station
  • 5.1) The Spa Book Cadillac: 1114 Washington Boulevard.
  • 5.2) Crossfit in the D: 150 Michigan Avenue.
  • 5.3) The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit: Also in 1114 Washington Boulevard.
    6. Joe Louis Arena Station
  • 6.1) Joe Louis Arena: 600 Civic Center Drive.
  • 6.2) Detroit River Walk: City of Detroit Riverfront.
    7. Cobo Center Station
  • 7.1) Detroit Princess Riverboat: 201 Civic Center Drive.
  • 7.2) Cobo Convention Center: 1 Washington Boulevard.
  • 7.3) Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, Cobo Conference Center: Also in 1 Washington Boulevard.
  • 7.4) UAW-Ford National Programs Center: 151 West Jefferson Avenue.
    8. Millender Center Station
  • 8.1) Courtyard Marriott: 333 East Jefferson Millender Center.
    9. Financial District Station
  • 9.1) Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce: One Woodward Avenue Suite 1900.
  • 9.2) Crowne Plaza Ponchartrain Hotel: 2 Washington Boulevard.
  • 9.3) Hart Plaza: Jefferson Avenue at the Riverfront.
  • 9.4) Drive Table Tennis Social Club: 645 Griswold Penobscot Building #144.
    10. Bricktown Station
  • There are no attractions near this station.
    11. Greektown Station
  • 11.1) Ford Field: 2000 Brush Street.
  • 11.2) Atheneum Hotel: 1000 Brush.
  • 11.3) Greektown Casino: 555 East Lafayette Street.
  • 11.4) Frank Murphy Hall of Justice: 1441 St. Antoine, 9th Floor.
  • 11.5) Old Saint Mary’s Church: 646 Monroe.
  • 11.6) Historic Second Baptist Church: 441-446 Monroe Street.
    12. Renaissance Center Station
  • 12.1) Detroit River Walk: GM Wintergarden.
  • 12.2) Detroit Marriott-Renaissance Center: GM Ren Center Level 3.
  • 12.3) Detroit Wayne County Port Authority: 130 East Atwater.
  • 12.4) Detroit Riverfront Playpark: Atwater and Rivard.
  • 12.5) Mariner’s Church: 170 East Jefferson.
  • 12.6) GM Models’ Showroom: GM Renaissance Center Wintergarden Level A.
  • 12.7) Segways 2U: 100 Renaissance Center Jefferson Lobby.
  • 12.8) Wheelhouse Detroit Bike Rentals: 1340 East Atwater Street.
  • 12.9) Tour Renaissance Center: 400 Renaissance Center.
    13. Cadillac Center Station
  • 13.1) Citizen Yoga: 122 4 Library Street.
  • 13.2) Campus Martius Park: 1 Campus Martius.
  • 13.3) Hilton Garden Inn-Detroit: 351 Gratiot Avenue.
  • 13.4) Detroit Library Skillman Branch: 121 Gratiot Street.
  • 13.5) Detroit Experience Factory: 123 Monroe Street.

Metro map of Detroit

Metro map of Detroit Full resolution
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Some other metro maps of Detroit

Detroit People Mover map

  • Also Known As: People Mover
  • Passengers/Day
  • Fares:
  • 24h operation: No
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Walk between platforms: No
  • Driverless trains: Downtown people mover, LIM technology (since 1987)
  • Screen Doors Platforms: No
  • Max. Speed: 56km/h
  • $0.75
  • Detroit Metro Official Website
  • Tlf: +1 313 224 2160
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