Barcelona Metro

The Barcelona metro is the second one in importance and length in Spain, following Madrid Metro. Moreover, this system is supplemented by other public transport systems such as trams, funiculars and buses. The Barcelona Metro covers all the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and other cities as Hospitalet, Esplugas, Cornella, San Baudilio, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, San Adrian del Besos, Badalona and Moncada and Reixach. Barcelona Metro has 11 lines, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L9, L10 and L11 whose operator is TMB and lines L6, L7 and L8 operated by FGC.

  • Known as: Metro
  • Lines: 11
  • Stations: 165
  • Length: 123,5 kms
  • Automated trains: Yes (from 2009)
  • Web:
  • Passengers/day: 1,127 millions
  • Operator: Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona y Ferrocarriles de la Generalidad de Cataluña (TMB y FGC)
  • Opening: 1924

Lines and stations

Barcelona Metro Barcelona Metro station
  • Line 1 (L1) or Red Line. Goes from Hospital de Bellvitge to Fondo station. Total length of 20.7 km, 30 stations. The journey time is 45 min. The line began operating in 1929. Stations: Arc de Triomf, Av.Carrilet, Baró de Viver, Belvitge, Can Serra, Catalunya, Clot, Espanya, Fabra i Puíg, Florida,Fondo, Glories, Hospital de Bellvitge, Hostafrancs, Marína, Mercat Nou, Navas, Plaça de Sants, Rambla Just Oliveras, Rocafort, Sagrera, Sant Andreu, Santa Coloma, Santa Eulália, Torras i Bages, Torrassa, Trinitat Vella, Universitat, Urgell y Urquinaona.
  • Line 2 (L2) or purple line. Goes from Parallel to Badalona Pompeu Fabra. Total length of 13.7 km, 18 stations. The journey time is 26 min. The line began operating in 1995. Stations: Arígues | Sant Adríà, Bac de Roda, Badalona Pompeu Fabra, Clot, Encants, Gorg, La Pau, Monumental, Paral-lel, Passeig de Gràcia, Pep Ventura, Sagrada Familia, Sant Antoni, Sant Martí, Sant Roc, Tetuan, Universitat y Vernada.
  • Line 3 (L3) or green line. Goes from Zona Universitària a Trinitat Nova. Total length of 18.4 km, 26 stations. The journey time is 36 min. This line was inaugurated in 1924. Stations: Canyelles, Catalunya, Diagonal, Drassenes, Espanya, Fontana, Les Corts, Lesseps, Liceu, María Cristina, Montbau, Mundet, Palau Reial, Paral.lel, Passeig de Gràcia, Penitents, Plaça de Sants, Poble Sec, Roquetes, Sants Estació, Tarragona, Trinitat Nova, Vall d´Hebron, Vallcarca, Valldaura y Zona Universitària.
  • Line 4 (L4) or yellow line. Goes from Trinitat Nova to La Pau. Total length of 17.3 km, 22 stations. The journey time is 36 min. It was inaugurated in 1926. Stations: Alfonso X, Barceloneta, Besòs, Besòs Mar, Bogatell, Ciudadella | Villa Olimpica, El Maresme | Fòrum, Girona, Guínardó | Hospital de Sant Pau, Jaume I, Joanic, La Pau, Llacuna, Llucmajor, Maragall, Passeig de Gràcia, Poblenou, Selva de Mar, Trinitat Nova, Urquinaona, Verdaguer y Vía Júlia.
  • Line 5 (L5) or dark blue line. Goes from Cornellà Centre to Vall d'Hebron. Total length of 19,168 km, 26 stations. The journey time is 37 min. The line began operating in 1959. Stations: Badal, Camp de l´Arpa, Can Boixeres, Can Videlet, Collblanc, Congrés, Cornellà, Centre Diagonal, El Carmel, Entença, Gavarra, Horta, Hospital Clínic, La Sagrera, La Teixonera, Maragall, Plaça de Sants, Pubila Cases, Sagrada Familia, Sant Ildefons Sant Pau | Dos de Maig, Sats Estació, Vall d´Hebron, Verdaguer, Vilapicina y Virrei Amat.
  • Line 6 (L6) or violet line. Goes from Plaza de Cataluña to Reina Elisenda. Total length of 5,384 km, 9 stations. The journey time is 14 min. This line was inaugurated in 1929. Stations: Barcelona | Plaça Catalunya, Gràcia, La Bonanova, Les Tres Torres, Muntaner, Provença, Reina Elisenda, Sant Gervasi y Sarrià.
  • Line 7 (L7) or brown line. Goes from Plaza de Cataluña to Avinguda Tibidabo. Total length of 4,634 km, 7 seasons. The journey time is 10 min. It began operating in 1954. Stations: Barcelona | Plaça, Catalunya, Provença, Gràcia, Plaça Molina, Pàdua, El Putxet y Avinguda Tibidabo.
  • Line 8 (L8) or pink line. Goes from Plaza España to Molí Nou | Ciutat Cooperativa. Total length of 11,266 km, 11 stations. The journey time is 20 min. Stations: Almeda, Barcelona-Plaza España, Cornellà-Riera, Estación, Europa | Fira, Gornal, Ildefons Cerdà, L'Hospitalet-Av. Carrilet, Magòria-La Campana, Molí Nou | Ciutat Cooperativa, San Baudilio y Sant Josep.
  • Line 9 (L9) or orange line. Goes from La Sagrera to Can Zam. Total length of 7,867 km, 9 stations. The journey time is 15 min. This line is operating since 2009. Stations: Bon Pastor, Can Peixauet, Can Zam, Església Major, Fondo, La Sagrera, Onze de Setembre, Santa Rosa y Singuerlín.
  • Line 10 (L10) or light blue line. Goes from La Sagrera to Gorg. Overall length of 5.57 km, 6 stations. The journey time is 11 min. Operating since 2010. Stations: Bon Pastor, Gorg, La Sagrera, La Salut, Llefià y Onze de Setembre.
  • Line 11 (L11) or ligh green line. Goes from Trinitat Nova to Can Cuiàs. Total length of 2,109 km, 5 stations. The journey time is 6 min. L11 is operating sice 2003. Stations: Can Cuiàs, Casa de L´Aigua, Ciutat Meridiana, Torre Baró | Valbona y Trinitat Nova.
Barcelona Metro

Future expansions

Lines 9 and 10 are under construction, expanding sections I and II of each line. Line 3 and 4 will be expanded also; lines 5, 9 and 10 will have some new sections. Works are expected to be finished in 2020.

Hours of operation: Timetable and frecuency

¿What time does Barcelona metro close? Lines L1 to L5 and L9 to L11 are open from Monday to Thursday from 05:00-24:00 h, Saturday and eve of public holidays, from 5:00 to 2:00. Saturdays and some national holidays service starts from 05:00 h all night. On Sundays continues uninterrupted service from Saturday night until 24:00. Other lines have a schedule that begins between 2:00 and 6:00 depending on line and station.

* December 24 opens from 5:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m.

The frequencies at peak hours range between 2.49 and 7.30 minutes.

Tickets, cards and fares

Children under three years travel free. Full price is paid from age four. However, a child won't pay until 14 years by using the T-12 card that has a cost of 35 euros.

Barcelona Metro area is divided into 6 zones between Barcelona and near by cities. Zone 1 is located within the city of Barcelona. To travel through this area you need to by a single ticket priced at € 2,15. This type of ticket is the most used by residents and tourists.

Barcelona Metro Zone 1 tickets and transport cards:

  • Singlet ticket: 2,15 euros.
  • Card T10: 9,95 euros. 10 trips.
  • Card T50-30: 42,50 euros. 50 trips in 30 days.
  • Card T70/30: 59,50 euros. 60 trips in 30 days.
  • Card T-mes: 52,75 euros. 1 month unlimited
  • Card T-trimestre: 142,00 euros. 3 months unlimited.
  • Card T-jove: 105,00 euros. 3 months unlimited for young people under 25 years.
  • Card T-día: 7,60 euros. 1 day unlimited trips.
  • Card t-4: 3,90 euros. Aimed for senior citizens, 10 trips.

Prices for more than 1 zone

    Single ticket:
  • 2 zones: 3 euros
  • 3 zones: 4 euros.
  • 4 zones: 5.10 euros.
  • 5 zones: 6.50 euros.
  • 6 zones: 7,60 euros.
    Card T10:
  • 2 zones: 19.60 euros
  • 3 zones: 26,75 euros.
  • 4 zones: 34,45 euros.
  • 5 zones: 39,55 euros.
  • 6 zones: 42,05 euros.
    Card T-50/30:
  • 2 zones: 71 euros
  • 3 zones: 99,60 euros.
  • 4 zones: 122 euros.
  • 5 zones: 140 euros.
  • 6 zones: 150 euros.
    Card T-70/30:
  • 2 zones: 86,05 euros
  • 3 zones: 118 euros.
  • 4 zones: 144,50 euros
  • 5 zones: 165,50 euros.
  • 6 zones: 179,50 euros.
    Card mes:
  • 2 zones: 77,45 euros
  • 3 zones: 105 euros.
  • 4 zones: 124,50 euros.
  • 5 zones: 143 euros.
  • 6 zones: 153 euros.
    Card Trimestre:
  • 2 zones: 211 euros
  • 3 zones: 290 euros.
  • 4 zones: 342,50 euros.
  • 5 zones: 390 euros.
  • 6 zones: 406 euros.
    Card jove:
  • 2 zones: 155 euros
  • 3 zones: 210 euros.
  • 4 zones: 249 euros.
  • 5 zones: 285,50 euros.
  • 6 zones: 305,50 euros.
    Card día:
  • 2 zones: 12 euros
  • 3 zones: 15,25 euros.
  • 4 zones: 17,15 euros.
  • 5 zones: 19 euros.
  • 6 zones: 21,70 euros.

If you are a tourist you can buy a two days pass for 14 euros, 3 days for 20.50 euros, 26.50 euros for four days or five days for 32 euros. Or, you can get the T-day card for € 7.60, which allows unlimited travel for a day.

Where to buy the tickets

  • In vending machines in every metro station (tickets and cards)
  • On the bus but limited to purchase a single ticket.
  • In internet, besides you can get a 10% discount.
  • It's possible to buy passes and cards in information modules and customer service in some stations.

Duration of the ticket

If you buy a ticket for Zone 1 it will expire after an hour and fifteen minutes, transfers to tram or bus are not allowed. If it's a 2 zones ticket it will expire after an hour and a half. If a three zones, one hour and forty five minutes. Four zones, two hours. Five areas, two hours and fifteen minutes. Siz zones, it'll be valid for two and half hours.

To be aware

You can use the same ticket to transfer to buses, trams and rail, just make sure the tickets hasn't expired.

If for some reason you bought a ticket or pass for a number of areas you don't need, you can change them, as long as you have not used them. This can be done in the TMB points.

You can find useful information to use the metro in the very same entrance of the stations: lines, stations, metro map, schedule...

Barcelona metro penalty fares

You must validate your ticket when you get to the subway and also when making a transfer. Otherwise, if the inspectors catch you, you will have to pay a 100 euros fine. If payed in the moment, 50 euros.

Lost objects

If you find any lost object inside the metro you can give it to an employee. If, it's you who has lost something, you can ask in the metro information services. Or call 902 075 027.


If you need to complaint or just want to make a suggestion, you can do it on the official website of the Barcelona metro, section: complaints and suggestions. Also you can do it on the phone calling 900 701 149 from 8:00 am- 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Also at TMB points.


The metro also offers accessible helps for people with disabilities. Except some stations, the metro is adapted for blind people with a voice navigation system and bright door closures; there is also a metro guide in Braille. Adaptations intend to continue until all the subway stations are accessible to everyone.

Guide dogs are allowed.

Bikes and pets

Also dogs that are properly identified and registered in the municipal census registration, may access the Barcelona metro. However, it must comply with the timetable and allowed days: Saturday and Sunday there is unlimited access. Between June 24 and September 11 there also is unlimited access. Weekday dogs can not access during 7:00 to 9:30 am and 5:00 to 7:00 pm Only one dog is allowed per person.

You are allowed to take a bike on the metro as long as it's an allowed day: Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The whole months of July and August.

L9 to Barcelona Airport

Curious facts

Barcelona's Metro has several stations that were never opened. . These are: Ernest Lluch, Gaudí, Travessera and Banco.

BCN Metro Map

Metro map of Barcelona Full resolution
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Download map.

Barcelona Metro Map

  • Passengers/Day 1110000
  • Fares: 1.35 EUR (2009); gates, smartcard
  • 24h operation: Sat night
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Walk between platforms: Yes
  • Driverless trains: Lines L9, L10, L11 (since 2009)
  • Screen Doors Platforms: Lines L9, L10, L11
  • Operator: TMB y FGC
  • €2.15
  • Barcelona Metro Official Website
  • Tlf: +34 9329 87000
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