Currently, BursaRay has two operational lines connecting 38 stations. Total route length is 38.9 km. Trains run at a maximum speed of 70 km/h. A transport company under the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, called Burulaş is given the responsibility of running it. As per 2012 record, the system has an annual ridership of over 91 million.

Historical Background

Bursa is the fourth most populated city in Turkey and is also one of its industrial centers. With a wealth of historic sites and outdoor adventure spots, it ranks high the list of tourist attractions of Turkey. It is easy to understand why the opening of a rapid transit system was inevitable in the city.

The plan was approved on 31st Jan. 1997 but construction began almost 2 years later. TÜVASAŞ, a railcar manufacturer, is behind the construction of the system. Bursaray started trail run on 24th April 2002. Line 1 started revenue operation on 19th August, the same year.

  • 2nd Jan. 2005: Construction began on the east extension from Sehreküstü to Arabayatagi.
  • 6th April 2008: East extension entered revenue service.
  • 28th Oct. 2008: Construction of the next phase begins.
  • 24th Dec. 2010: The section between Kücük Sanayi and Özlüce was open.
  • 19th Sep. 2011: The section between Özlüce and Üniversite was open.
  • 15th Dec. 2011: Section between Organize Sanayi and Emek was open.
  • 19th Mar. 2014: Section between Arabayatagi and Otosansit was open.
  • 27th Mar. 2014: Section between Otosansit and Gürsu was open.
  • 5th Jun. 2014: Section between Gürsu and Kestel was open.

Hours of Operation

The system operates from 5 AM till midnight every day. The train frequency is, on average, 10 minutes most of the time of the day. It is more on the main line than the western part of Acemler Station where the lines run separately. In the section between Demirtaşpaşa and Acmeler stations, one train comes every 5 minutes during the daytime. The headway increases in the night time.

Get the detailed timetable of Bursaray here.
Bursa Metro Train Bursa Metro Train

Lines and Stations

The route of Bursaray is completely independent of other public transport routes. Each line has a common and a separate section. Line 1 starts from Emek Station on Mudanya Road and Line 2 starts from University Station on İzmir Road. They converge at Acemler Station and then follow a common path. It travels along Ankara Road and passes through the city center and Şehreküstü Meydanı. The route then follows Haşim İşcan Caddesi over Gökdere Viaduct. Then it goes back along Ankara Road and ends at Kestel Station.

7 of system’s 38 stations are built underground. The section between Şehreküstü and Merinos stations is underground. A short tunnel section is there before the intersection of the two lines near Acemler Station. There are also tunnels built towards the western end of Line 2. Batikent is again an underground station. The stations are 120 meters long and have island platforms. Bursaray is built maintaining the same track gauge as other Turkish metro networks like Ankara Metro, Istanbul Metro etc.

At present, there are 122 trains running on these two lines. Of these, 48 are Siemens Type B80, 30 are Bombardier Flexity Swift and 44 are Düwag SG2 . The trains are operated by an automated train control system. 3-car trains run on Line 1 and 4-car trains on Line 2. Line 1 connects Arabayatagi Station to Emek Stations. It takes about 35 minutes to complete the journey. Line 2 spreads from Kestel Station to Üniversite Station. A full journey takes about 42 minutes on this line.

The stations along Line 1 are: Korupark, Emek, Hamitler-Fethiye, Organize Sanayi, Ihsaniye, Arabayatagi, Esentepe, Acemler, Karaman, Sirameseler, Pasa Çiftlig, Merinos, Osmangazi, Sehreküstü, Yüksek Ihtisas Hastanesi, Kültürpark, Gökdere, Duaçinari, Demirtaspasa, Davutdede

Line 2 connects the following stations: Arabayatagi, Yüksek Ihtisas Hastanesi, Duaçinari, Davutdede, Gökdere, Demirtaspasa, Sehreküstü, Osmangazi, Merinos, Kültürpark, Sirameseler, Çiftligi Pasa, Acemler, Nilüfer, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Besevler, Ataevler, Küçük Sanayi, Ertugru, Altinsehir, Özlüce, Yüzüncü Yıl, Batıkent, Üniversite


There is a plan to expand the Bursaray system to cover a 50 km long network in near future.

Fare and Ticket

A legal travel by Bursaray involves paying the accurate fare. People who are 60+ years old, students and teachers pay a discounted fare. However, they need to show their ID card to the station stuff in order to avail the discount. Disabled persons, those who are more than 65 years old, veterans, state government employees and sports persons performing at the national level ride the metro free of cost.

A single journey ticket costs 2.25 TL and a discounted ticket costs 1.50 TL. Magnetic paper tickets, Subscription cards and Travel cards can be used to pay the fare. Travel cards are issued by designated offices located at the stations. Regular tickets are available at the ticket vending machines located at each station.

Bursa Metro station Bursa Metro station

Know more about the ticketing system here.

Facilities and Services

Burulaş offers passengers many services to make their journey safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

  • The trains are air-conditioned.
  • There are emergency tools e.g. fire extinguishers, emergency door opening handles etc. available to the passengers within the subway.
  • The Bursaray authority offers Lost & Found service.
  • The stations have adjacent parking lots.


Make sure you are aware of Bursaray rules before you use the service.

  • Pet animals must be carried in appropriate cages. The exception is guide dogs with disabled persons.
  • Explosives and inflammable are not allowed within the subway system.
  • Nobody should walk on the lines or pass the barriers.
  • Illegal demonstrations or propaganda are forbidden in the stations and on the trains.
  • Passengers should make sure that their activities and behaviors are not disturbing others.
  • Only those packets are allowed on the trains that are not bigger than one-fourth of a cubic meter and are not heavier than 15 kg.
  • No bikes, strollers etc. should be parked or kept unattended within the subway.


These are few tips to better use the Bursaray system.

  • Before leaving the ticket window, make sure your ticket, card and change are ok. If not, inform the staff immediately.
  • While using elevators or stairs make sure you are taking the right side. The left side should be kept free for others to pass.


Metro map of Bursa

Metro map of Bursa Full resolution
Map via www.burulas.com.tr
See map full resolution. It may take a little bit to load.

Bursa Bursaray map

  • Also Known As: Bursaray
  • Passengers/Day 250000
  • Fares:
  • 24h operation: No
  • Air Conditioning: No
  • Walk between platforms: No
  • Driverless trains: No
  • Screen Doors Platforms: No
  • Operator: BursaRay
  • 2.25 TL
  • Bursa Metro Official Website
  • Tlf: +90 224 452 5244
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