Mulheim Stadtbahn: U18

Mülheim an der Ruhr is a small german city of about 175,000 inhabitants. Its transportation system is linked to its neighboring cities: Essen, Duisburg and Oberhausen. The construction of this system started back in the 60s in Essen and Mulheim. The current line U18 opened in 1977. Most of the route runs underground although in some areas such as the A40 runs on the surface.

The U18 stadtbahn line has 17 stations. It links Essen to Mulheim an der Ruhr in the west (9 stations in Mulheim area). This line has been called the "shopping line" as serves somecommercial areas.

U18 Stadtbahn stations: Berliner Platz, Hirschlandplatz, Essen Hauptbahnhof, Bismarckplatz, Savignystraße / ETEC, Hobeisenbrücke, Breslauer Straße, Wickenburgstraße, RheinRuhrZentrum, Rosendeller Straße, Eichbaum, Heißen Kirche, Mühlenfeld, Christianstraße, Gracht, Von-Bock-Straße, Mülheim (Ruhr) Hauptbahnhof

The section of the line u18 passing through Mulheim is 5.5 kilometers long and is almost entirely underground except for a stretch between Von-Bock-Str. and Christian road, because of the demands of the terrain. The U18 line is jointly operated by MVG and Essen EVAG and DUEWAG Stadtbahn B-cars.

Hours and frequency

Stadtbahn line U18 opens from 4:00 and 5:00 until around midnight. Frecuency of service is 10 minutes during the day and every 20-30 minutes early morning and evening, Saturday afternoon and Sundays every 15 minutes daytime.

U18 Mulheim line map


Mulheim trams

Mülheim as part of its public transport system also has a network of trams. It opened on July 9, 1897 and is operated by Mülheimer Verkehrsgesellschaft and Stadtwerke Oberhausen. Speaking of underground systems in addition to the U18, Mulheim also has a tunnel with 4 underground stations belonging to the network of trams (line 102 and line 901)

Mulheim tram lines and stations

The tram network comprises 5 lines with a total length of 36,2kms.

  • Line 102: Uhlenhorst, Stadtmitte, Mülheim Hbf, Oberdümpten
  • Line 104: Hauptfriedhof, Stadtmitte, Rathausmarkt, Grenze Borbeck, E Abzweig Aktienstraße
  • Line 110: Friesenstraße, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, Rathausmarkt, Stadtmitte, Spielplatz, Hauptfriedhof
  • Line 112/NE12: MH Kaiserplatz, Landwehr, Oberhausen Hbf, Feuerwache, Neue Mitte, Eisenheim, OB Neumarkt
  • Line 901: DU-Obermarxloh, Marxloh, Thyssen Verwaltung, Beeck, Neanderstr, Laar, Thyssen Tor 30, Ruhrort, Albertstr, DU-Stadtmitte, Jakobstr., Mülheim/Ruhr

Metro map of Mulheim

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Mulheim Stadtbahn Mulheim U18 map

  • Also Known As: Stadtbahn Mulheim U18
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  • 24h operation: No
  • Air Conditioning: No
  • Walk between platforms: No
  • Driverless trains: No
  • Screen Doors Platforms: No
  • Mulheim Metro Official Website

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