MetroRrey: Monterrey Metro

Monterrey, one of the most important cities in Mexico, has a public transport system consisting of a light rail system and a complementary network of buses (metrobus and transmetro/premetro).

Monterrey Metro system is commonly known as Metrorrey. It's official name in Spanish is Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metrorrey.

MetroRrey goes through the city from NorthEast to East (line 1) and from North to South (line 2). MetroRrey is composed of just 2 lines and 31 stations. Both metro lines are managed by Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metrorrey. Length of the whole system is about 20 miles (32kms). Most part of this system goes elevated. More than 60 millions passengers use MetroRrey every year.

  • A.K.A: MetroRrey
  • Lines: 2 (yellow and green lines)
  • Stations: 32
  • Length: 31,5 kms
  • Opening: 1991
  • Passengers/year: 60 millions

MetroRrey Lines and Stations

  • Line 1 (yellow line): It has 19 stations. Line is 18.5 km long. Goes from Talleres to Exposición through San Bernabé, Unidad Modelo, Aztlán, Penitenciaría, Alfonso Reyes, Mitras, Simón Bolívar, Hospital, Edison, Central, Cuauhtémoc, Del Golfo, Felix U. Gómez, Parque Fundidora, Y Griega, Eloy Cavazos and Lerdo de Tejada. Line 1 links to line 2 at Cuauhtémoc station. This line was inaugurated in 1991. It cross the city from West to East and runs on an elevated structure most of the way.
  • Line 2 (green line): It has 13 stations. Line is 13.750 km long. Goes from Sendero to General Ignacio Zaragoza through Tapia, San Nicolás, Anáhuac, Universidad, Niños Heroes, Regina, General Anaya, Cuauhtémoc, Alameda, Fundadores and Padre Mier. It crosses the city from North to South. Originally inaugurated in 1994, but extendend in 2007 and 2008. Partially run elevated and partially subterranean.
monterrey Metro monterrey Metro

There is a third line currently under a proyection phase that will link Monterrey, San Nicolás y Apodaca Line 3 would be 7.5 kms long and would have 9 stations, spanning from the Line 2 terminus at General Zaragoza northeast to Hospital Metropolitano, mostly elevated. Stations: Hospital Metropolitano Station, Los Ángeles Station, Ruiz Cortines Station, Conchello Station, Violeta Station, Félix U. Gómez Station, Adolfo Prieto Station and Santa Lucia Station. Government estimates that this line 3 will serve 280,000 passengers/day. This line could be ready in August 2015.

Fares and Tickets

  • Single Trip ticket: MXN 4.50
  • 2 Trips ticket: MXN 8.50
  • 4 Trips ticket: MXN 16.00
  • 5 Trips ticket: MXN 20.00
  • 6 Trips ticket: MXN 24.00

Multi Trip Tickets

This type of ticket can be purchased with a number of trips included that can range between 15 and 85 trips. The savings compared to buying single tickets can be up to $100.

Mia Card

Mia Card is a rechargable card that can be refilled with multiple trip credits. Card price is MXN20 and includes 8 trips.

On Sundays the entrance is free.
More information in this link.

Santiago Tapia (Monterrey Metro) Santiago Tapia (Monterrey Metro)

Schedule and Frecuency

The system operates from 05:00 to 00:00. Frequency is about 3.5 minutes during peak times.

Other transport systems in the city.

MetroBus: Complementary transport system in the city, used under a unified ticket. Same ticket can be used for Metrobus cars and MetroRrey. You can use one of its 5 urban routes to access any metro station and also MetroRrey fare is included. MetroRrey and MetroBus schedule is the same: from Monday to Sunday, from 5:00 a.m to 12:00 a.m. Fare: $12.00

Transmetro or Premetro and metroEnlace, are other complementary systems to MetroRrey network. There is no additional fee, other than the standard Metro Ticket to use Transmetro.

Colon Y Pino Suarez Colon Y Pino Suarez

Connection to the Airport

There are two international airports in Monterrey: General Mariano Escobedo International Airport and Del Norte International Airport, both located in Apodaca. The best way to get to the city is by taxi, always insisting on the use of meter. Thought MetroRrey is a young and modern economic transport system its coverage is not really great.

monterrey Metro
monterrey Metro
Metro Monterrey
Cuauht u00e9moc (Monterrey Metro) Cuauht u00e9moc (Monterrey Metro)

Metro map of Monterrey

Metro map of Monterrey Full resolution
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Monterrey metro map

  • Passengers/Day 370000
  • Fares: access gates, smartcard
  • 24h operation: No
  • Air Conditioning: No
  • Walk between platforms: No
  • Driverless trains: No
  • Screen Doors Platforms: No
  • Operator: Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metrorrey
  • MXN 4.50
  • Monterrey Metro Official Website

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