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After the last update (Novo Hamburgo), Trensurb line 1 has a total length of approximately 43.4 kilometers and 5 new stations were added for a total of 22. Most of the route goes ground level and only a small stretch of just over 2 kilometers is elevated. Through this route 20 trains are circulating per hour and direction. Each train has a capacity of 1081 persons, allowing a maximum of 21600 passengers per hour and direction. Line 1 became operational in March 1985 with the section between the stations of Mercado and Sapucaia. It has an average speed of 45km/h and a maximum speed of 90. More than 200,000 people use this transport daily.

Porto Alegre subway connects the city center to the airport and the long distance bus station. Trensurb connects with the 224 lines of Omnibus. With this rate the user can take a metro trip and bus with the same ticket. The metro is a good way to travel in Porto Alegre since the tourist attractions are within walking distance of the subway stations.

Porto Alegre metro is managed by the urban rail company of Porto Alegre, known as Trensurb, in conjunction with the federal government of Brazil and Rio Grande do Sul.

Tensurb: lines and stations

Line 1 of the Porto Alegre metro (trensurb) is 42 kilometers long and has 22 stations. Stations: Novo Hamburgo, Fenac, Industrial, Santo Afonso, Rio dos Sinos, São Leopoldo, Unisinos, Sapucaia, Louis Pasteur, Esteio, Petrobras, São Luis, Mathias Velho, Canoas, Fátima, Niterói, Anchieta, Aeroporto, Farrapos, São Pedro, Rodoviária y Mercado. Travel time from Novo Hamburgo to is 52 minutrs.

Without considering it as a line, there is a connection of only 2 stations and less than 1 kilometer long linking the Trensurb airport metro station to the International Airport Salgado Filho station, Terminal 1.

Metro hours and frequency

It operates from 05:00 to 23:20. Trains run every 5 minutes during rush hour. These time slots are from 6:00 to 8:00 and 17:00 to 19:00. Every 10 minutes during normal business hours and every 15 minutes before 6:00 and after 20:00. Saturday the frequency of service is a train every 12 minutes in each direction until 13:00. In the evenings and on Sundays, the rate drops to 15 minutes.

Fares and tickets

There is a single integrated rate of 1.70R $ You can make transfers between bus and subway.

Futures expansions

In the map below you can see the planned metro and Aeromóvel lines:

Mapa de projetos metroviários da região metropolitana de Porto Alegre

Curious facts

Cycling Trensurb program. Bikes are allowed within predefined hours: Monday to Saturday in off-peak times. Weekends and holidays, all day. Only one bike per user is allowed. Bike can not be ridden at the stations. To enter the bikes to the stations an inspector should be notified to open the entrance gate. Always step in the second wagon with the bikes, never the first one.

Trensurb has available staff for people with disabilities.

There are blue seats called preferential reserved to people with disabilities, elder, pregnat women or people traveling with small children.

Metro map of Porto Alegre

Metro map of Porto Alegre Full resolution
See map full resolution. It may take a little bit to load.

Porto Alegre metro map

  • Passengers/Day 300000
  • Fares:
  • 24h operation: No
  • Air Conditioning: No
  • Walk between platforms: No
  • Driverless trains: No
  • Screen Doors Platforms: No
  • Average Speed: 45km/h
  • Max. Speed: 90km/h
  • Operator: Trensurb
  • Porto Alegre Metro Official Website
  • Tlf: (51) 3363-8477
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