Shangahi Metro

The Shanghai Metro transit system incorporates both subway and light metro lines. Since 1995, this metro has become one of the fastest-growing, the third longest and the fifth busiest rapid transit systems in the world, with several lines under construction at the moment.

  • Known as: metro
  • System length: 437 km
  • Number of lines: 12
  • Number of stations: 292
  • Average ridership: 6.69 million per day
  • Operator: Shanghai No.1-No.4 Metro Operation Company
  • Start of operation: April 10, 1995.

Lines and stations

  • Line 1: From Fujin Road to Xinzhuang (28 stations)
  • Line 2: From East Xujing to Pudong International Airport (30 stations)
  • Line 3: From North Jiangyang Road to Shanghai South Railway Station (29 stations)
  • Line 4: From Yishan Road to Yangshupu Road (26 stations)
  • Line 5: From Xinzhuang to Minhang Development Zone (11 stations)
  • Line 6: From Gangcheng Road to Oriental Sports Center (28 stations)
  • Line 7: From Meilan Lake to Huamu Road (32 stations)
  • Line 8: From Shiguang Road to Aerospace Museum (30 stations)
  • Line 9: From Songjiang South Railway Station to Middle Yanggao Road (26 stations)
  • Line 10: From Xinjiangwancheng to Hongqiao Railway Station (31 stations)
  • Line 11: From North Jiading to Jiangsu Road (20 stations)
  • Line 12: From Jinyun Road to Jinshajiang Road (5 stations)

Schedule and frequency

It operates from 5:00 am to 12 am and the trains run every 3 min.


The average fares range from 3 yuan for journeys under 6 km to 10 yuan for journeys over 6 km (it uses a distance based fare system)

Curious facts

A serial number is placed on each vehicle, consist of 5 or 6 digits (the first two numbers are production year, middle two are the sequential number of cars of the same platform and the last numbers are the type of train). This number is assigned during production and is unique for that vehicle.

Metro map of Shanghai

Metro map of Shanghai Full resolution
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Shanghai metro map

  • Passengers/Day 9300000
  • Fares: 0.44
  • 24h operation: No
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Walk between platforms: No
  • Driverless trains: No
  • Screen Doors Platforms: Newer line 4 stations and refitted line 1 stations
  • Operator: Shanghai No.1-No.4 Metro Operation Company
  • CNY 3
  • Shanghai Metro Official Website

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