More info about Algier's Subway

Algier's underground is just one line with 10 stations in about 10 kms.

Algier's Subway stations:

La Grande Poste station:

La Grande Poste is located in Algier's center of the city. It's the intersection of all the routes that cover the main places in the city: Place des Martyres, Audin Place, Algier's University, Tafourah bus station an the Wilaya of Algiers. This station has the biggest passengers transit as it is the beginning of the line and it's near of many places of interests for the turists. In the future, this station will have a direct conection with Algier's underground line 2.

Algier's underground La Grande Poste station plan

Khelifa Boukhalfa Station

Khelifa Boukhalfa station gets to Algier's commercial area, Mourad Didouche street, Cinema Argelia and Victor Hugo Street. Some other important places around this area are: Hassiba Ben Bouali, Meissonier Market, the Sacred Heart and Liberty Park.

Algier's underground Khelifa Boukhalfa station plan

1er Mai Station(May 1st)

This station is located in Mokrani. It's connections with bus and taxy(ETUSA) networks. It gets to Mustapha Bacha Hospital and to the Mohamed Belouizdad (Belcourt) district, one of the oldests in the city.

Algier's underground 1ier Mai station plan

Idir Aissat Station

Aissat Idir is found in Belcourt's heart. This station is near Maison de la Presse, bus stops, Telecom Argelia and UGTA headquarters. It is located in a strategic place to relieve the congested road network of its traffic.

Algier's underground Idir Aissat station plan

Estaciones Hamma / Jardin d’essais

Hamma and Jardin d’essais stations. They cover the National Library of Hamma, Sofitel Argel, Jardin d'Essais, Pasteur Institute areas.

Algier's underground Hamma station plan
Algier's underground Jardin D'Essais station plan

Les Fusillés station

This station is reacheable from almost everywhere (Brook, Kouba, Hussein Dey and Bir Mourad Rais...). It'll be the real communication center where underground, trams, buses, taxys and funicular will converge.

Algier's underground Les Fusilles station plan

Amirouche Station

It is locatet in the intersection of Hussein Dey and Kouba districts.

Algier's underground Amirouche station plan

Mer et Soleil (Sun and Sea) station

Mer et Solei station is western side of line 1. This is the heart of the residential area Mer et Soleil, next to Hussein Dey.

Algier's underground Mer et Soleil station plan

Hai El Badr Station

It is in Hai El Badr district and covers Panorama y Hussein Dey, Ben Omar and El Kouba Cadat and Bachdjarah. It is a link between Algier suburban areas and offers a fast, comfortable way of moving around the city.

Algier's underground Hai El Badr station plan

Algiers metro map

  • Passengers/Day
  • Fares:
  • 24h operation: No
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Walk between platforms: Yes
  • Driverless trains: No
  • Screen Doors Platforms: No
  • Max. Speed: 70km/h
  • Operator: Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP)- El Djazaïr
  • 1.40 EURO
  • Algiers Metro Official Website

Metro map of Algiers

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