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The Toulouse metro serves Toulouse and its neighboring cities. Toulouse is a region in southern France with 750,000 inhabitants. The metro network consists of two lines circulating underground most of the way. VAL technology is used (automatic driverless trains). Lines A and B cover a route of 28 kilometers serving 37 stations. In Toulouse, since 2003 the public transport is managed by Tisséo. This company also has 2 lines of commuter trains that complement the metro lines in the western part of Toulouse and Muret: C and D lines. In Toulouse also still operates an old tram line T1, which connects the Blagnac suburb to the metro. In addition there are 81 bus lines operating in the city.

The Toulouse metro, in French Métro de Toulouse is used daily by more than 280,000 passengers.

Toulouse metro: lines and stations

  • LineaA. Route Basso-Cambo - Balma Gramont. It is operating since 2003. Approximately 185 000 passengers a day. There are 18 stations on 12.5 kilometers traveled in 22 minutes. Stations: Basso-Cambo, Bellefontaine, Reynerie, Mirail-Université, Bagatelle, Mermoz, Fontaine-Lestang, Arènes, Patte d'Oie, Saint-Cyprien-Réùblique, Esquirol, Capitole, Jean-Jaurès, Marengo-SNCF, Jolimont, Roseraie, Argoulets, Balma-Gramont.
  • Line B. Route Borderouge - Ramonville from north to south. There are 20 stations fully underground travelling 15.7 kilometers in 26 minutes. Stations: Borderouge, Trois Crous, La Vache, Barrière-de-Paris, Minimes-Claude-Nougaro, Canal-du-Midi, Compans-Cafarelli, Jean-d'Arc, Jean-Jaurès, François Verdier, Carmes, Palais de Justice, Saint-Michel-Marcel-Langer, Empalot, Saint-Agne-SNCF, Saouzelong, Rangeil, Faculté-de-Pharmacie, Université-Paul-Sabatier, Ramonville.
  • Metro Toulouse
    Via Tisseo

The correspondence between the metro lines is done in the Jean Jaurès station in the city center.

Commuter trains

These commuter lines complete the transport system in the city of Toulouse, together with the T1 and bus lines.

  • Line C. Frequency of service: 15 minutes. Stations: Arènes, Le TOEC, Lardenne, Saint-Martin-du-Touch, Ramassiers, Colomiers
  • Line D. Stations: Toulouse-Matabiau, Saint-Agne, Portet-sur-Garonne, Muret


T1. The T1 line covers the route route Palais de Justice - Aéroconstellation. It has been operating since 2010. There are 24 stations over a distance of 14km, from, Toulouse to Beauzelle through Blagnac. Travel time is 45 minutes. In 2015 the branch that reaches the aeropuerrto of Toulouse was inaugurated. Stations: Arènes, Zénith, Cartoucherie, Casselardit, Purpan, Arènes-Romaines, Ancely, Servanty, Guyenne, Pasteur, Relais, Marronniers, Patinoire, Grand-Noble, Georges-Brassens, Lycée, Beauzelle, Garossos

Tram Toulouse
Via Tisseo

Hours and frequency of service

The metro works from 05:15 am until midnight from Sunday to Thursday and until 03:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Another Toulouse metro map

Plan métro Toulouse

Park and Ride

There Park'n Ride at major stations. For example, on line B, there are parkings at the terminal stations Borderouge and Ramonville.

Tickets y fares

Tickets can be purchased at every station on the ticket machines, at the buses directly to the driver, in Tisséo offices and many shops in the city (kiosks, tobacconists, ...)

With Tisséo network tickets you can use the metro, tram or bus (airport shuttle is a separate fee). With each ticket you can change line 3 times within 60 minutes after the validation of the ticket.

  • 1 single ticket, 1,60€
  • 2 single tickets (return), 3,10€
  • 10 trips, 13,40€
  • Night ticket, after 19h, unlimited trips: 3,10€
  • 1 day unlimited: 5,50€
  • 2 days unlimited: 8,50€
  • 3 days unlimited: 10,50€
  • Tribu, 12 trips/day (2 - 12 people groups): 5,50€


  • Tourist Pass 24 hours: 19,50€
  • Tourist Pass 48 hours: 26,50€
  • Tourist Pass 72 hours: 33,50€

Tisséo Pastel card

For people under 26 there is the Pastel Card, with which you can get better rates for the bus, metro, tram and Velotoulouse in annual and monthly subscriptions and also tickets for 10 trips.

Always validate the tickets and hold them until the end of the trip. With one ticket you can use all the Tisséo lines for 1 hour (1 hour and 30 minutes if in airport bus).

Curious facts

Each station of the metro has an art work as part of its decoration and is designed for a particular group of architects who still following common guidelines, had made each station a different space

Toulouse subway lines are ones of the largest and oldest operating fully automatically and without driver (VAL) lines in the world.

The lines are prepared to be accessible to people with mobility problems.

Airport service

There is a shuttle every 20 minutes from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport to Toulouse Matabiau. Stops at Pierre Baudis Conference Centre, Toulouse center, railway station Jeanne d'Arc (line B), Jean Jaures station (transfer station lines A and B), station Matabiau Station

A single ticket is priced at € 8.00, return € 15.00 and € 35.00, 6 trips. With this ticket you can also use the metro and buses.


Toulouse Metro Station Arenes

Toulouse metro map

  • Also Known As:
  • Passengers/Day 350000
  • Fares:
  • 24h operation: No
  • Air Conditioning: No
  • Walk between platforms: Yes
  • Driverless trains: VAL (since 1993)
  • Screen Doors Platforms: VAL
  • Average Speed: km/h
  • Max. Speed: 80km/h
  • Operator: Tisséo-Réseau urbain
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Metro map of Toulouse

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